Co-founder Mike Alkin was raised by his grandparents. He saw first-hand the challenges that seniors who are slowing down must contend with. Years later, while arranging care for an elderly relative suffering from cancer and a recent victim of financial exploitation, he realized that there were more problems than solutions in senior care.

Much to Mike’s surprise, he soon realized there were few practical and affordable solutions for those seniors needing a moderate amount of help and little to no protection against several forms of elder abuse. He was determined to change that and make a difference. He enlisted the help of co-founder Mike Russo, who shared in the story.

In recent time, Mike Russo’s father passed away and his mother was left alone. Mike noticed his mom becoming withdrawn. While she did not express it, it was obvious she desperately wanted routine companionship and support. She needed a familiar face to check in, someone compatible to talk with and a person to take care of the little things. A service that would improve the quality of time with her son because the “to do lists” were taken care of.

A year later to the day of his father’s passing, his mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and his world was turned upside-down. Like others in similar circumstances, he and his family took turns checking in on mom regularly. They tried to find help and went through a half a dozen home aides to find someone compatible. They never did.

Passionate about making a difference, both founders went to great lengths researching alternatives to the status quo. They were determined to find a solution to the heart of the issues facing seniors and their families – and from that, Check-In Neighbors was born.

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