Officer Of Inspector General to Review Nursing Home Complaints in FY17

On November 10th The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General released its “OIG Work Plan” for 2017.

The OIG plan includes reviews of; 1) How state agencies conduct nursing home complaint investigations and 2) Unreported incidents of potential abuse and neglect in skilled nursing facilities and

Nursing Home Complaint Investigation Data Brief
All nursing home complaints categorized as immediate jeopardy and actual harm must be investigated within a 2- and 10-day time frame, respectively. According to the OIG Work Plan, a 2006 OIG report found that State agencies did not investigate some of the most serious complaints within these required time frames. The OIG 2017 review will provide an update form its previous review.

Skilled Nursing Facilities – Unreported Incidents of Potential Abuse and Neglect;
The OIG Workplan highlighted ongoing OIG reviews at other settings that indicate the potential for unreported instances of abuse and neglect. The OIG will assess the incidence of abuse and neglect of Medicare beneficiaries receiving treatment in SNFs and determine whether these incidents were properly reported and investigated in accordance with applicable Federal and State requirements.

For a complete review of the OIG Work Plan for FY17 copy and paste the link below into a browser

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