“Connecting seniors to family and making life easier”

ABIGAIL is a senior enabled one-touch appliance with a suite of HIPAA compliant technologies designed to

  • Reduce senior isolation and loneliness
  • Engage seniors cognitively
  • Monitor activities remotely
  • Lower cost of care
  • Improve outcomes, and more

ABIGAIL enables family members, caregivers and healthcare professionals to check-in and monitor seniors remotely; wherever they live.

The heart of ABIGAIL is a large one-touchscreen which is designed to engage seniors, provide activity and health monitoring, facilitate personal messaging, deliver medication reminders, and more.

  • ABIGAIL’S one-touch video chat makes long-distance relationships a breeze and keeps seniors involved in the day to day of their family
  • ABIGAIL’s photo features enable the entire family to send photographs with personal messages, that automatically display across their system
  • ABIGAIL’s video portal allows family to deliver unlimited amounts of home video capturing those special moments and content that is entertaining or educational
  • ABIGAIL’s music prompt plays their favorite songs or genres on demand and through a digital jukebox, bringing them back in time
  • ABIGAIL’S messaging service allows family to send personal messages that scroll across the screen or set recurring medication reminders
  • ABIGAIL has a library of video and memory games to keep seniors engaged and to provide hours of entertainment

  • ABIGAIL’s optional smart-home sensor technology, senses changes in routine and alerts family members via text, call or email to such events as; wandering, falls, inactivity and more
  • ABIGAIL’s optional smart-home sensor technology can turn lighting on in designated locations to help prevent nighttime falls
  • ABIGAIL’s optional medical monitoring connectivity can monitor blood pressure, blood oxygen, glucose, weight, and more
  • ABIGAIL is the social inclusion and personal safety net for seniors and their families

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