‘Tis the Season – Protect Your Loved Ones From Holiday Financial Fraud

Prevent Holiday Fraud Sadly, the holidays bring a far more dangerous risk of real and significant financial fraud. Seniors are especially vulnerable as perpetrators of charity scams try to exploit older adults’ natural generosity and trusting nature. Seniors who enjoy shopping for gifts online (that number is growing) are also at greater risk as statistics […]

Officer Of Inspector General to Review Nursing Home Complaints in FY17

On November 10th The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General released its “OIG Work Plan” for 2017. The OIG plan includes reviews of; 1) How state agencies conduct nursing home complaint investigations and 2) Unreported incidents of potential abuse and neglect in skilled nursing facilities and Nursing Home Complaint Investigation Data […]

Elder Financial Exploitation

Elder financial exploitation has been called “the crime of the 21st century.” Studies indicate that it’s the most widespread form of elder abuse, costing older American’s as much as $36 billion each year. And as the number of older American’s increases, it’s likely that the scope of these crimes will increase. According to a recently […]